Hill and Hollow 2021 CSA Season Enrollment now OPEN

It’s National CSA Week!
You know what that means? It is the week when most people across the country are making the commitment to eating locally and seasonally for the year ahead?
Why this week? Well, the works starts now. OK, the work already started last month.  But it is now that the pace accelerates and the need for the full vision of the season ahead is most important. How much to plant? What to plant? Who is going to eat this first tomato? You know, the farmers most important questions. There is activity all around the farm: in the greenhouse, in the high tunnels, in the fields. We used the last snowy week to prepare fully for what we will all do when the ice melts, the snow disappears and spring starts to present herself! 

Last year’s pivot do to the emerging COVID-19 situation in the Spring resulted in a totally re-envisioned CSA delivery procedure. We worked hard, ironed out the many kinks and had a safe and successful 2020. Now, as I plan for 2021, it is clear that I need to stick with the neighborhood delivery system. My heart and soul long for the pandemic to be over, but alas, it is not. I can’t predict what the future holds. For now, after a long hard series of discussions and way too much overthinking (I am quite good at that), I have decided to stick with our 2020 model and deliver shares each Saturday to our hubs in Forest Hills, 12 South and Inglewood. 

Here are some details, if you want more information, please reach out. Below is an outline of share sizes and their pricing:

half share $600 
the half share is perfect for an individual, a couple or a family that really only cooks on the weekends.
not quite full share $900 
this is our only share size with an option to chose more of a couple of items that you love. if you are a NQF share, you don’t do a ton of cooking, but you really love your salads and tomatoes. 
full share $1200
the full share is best for a family or for a couple or individual that is committed to doing a bit more cooking during the week.
family share $1400
the family share is for the few, the proud, the vegetable eaters! a family share needs to cook, maybe even needs to do a bit of food preservation. or, have a larger family. that works too!

As always, I accept any and all payment plans. Please contact me directly hhcsafarm@gmail.com for any further information regarding payment options and other details.


Never forget the importance of a fresh, organic vegetable laden diet!

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