2020 CSA Enrollment is OPEN now

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to join Hill and Hollow CSA for our 21st season delivering to Nashville. We are proud and crazy and ready to feed you and your family for what will certainly be an amazing season.26865010_396139274169841_6620991463184400384_n


This is my current work, starting seeds that will grow into plants that  will feed us all season long. These moments, starting with this tiny seed, a sprinkle of faith and plenty of optimism, are those that are often unnoticed. Now, in late winter, vegetable farmers are getting their game on! The farmers markets that will be bustling in a few short months are desolate (OK, aside from the few die hards). Now, is when we need your commitment. With seeds and equipment and supplies to purchase, we need your support now more than ever. This is the nature of the CSA promise.


Join today, become a part of the optimism and the work that we do in these quiet months. You will be glad you did.


Here are some details, if you want more information, please reach out. Below is an outline of share sizes and their pricing:

half share $600 ( $25 per week for 24 weeks) the half share is perfect for an individual, a couple or a family that really only cooks on the weekends.
not quite full share $900 ($37.50 for 24 weeks) this is our only share size with an option to chose more of a couple of items that you love. if you are a NQF share, you don’t do a ton of cooking, but you really love your salads and tomatoes. 
full share $1200 ($50 per week for 24 weeks)the full share is best for a family or for a couple or individual that is committed to doing a bit more cooking during the week.
family share $1440 ($60 per week for 24 weeks)the family share is for the few, the proud, the vegetable eaters! a family share needs to cook, maybe even needs to do a bit of food preservation. or, have a larger family. that works too!


As always, I accept any and all payment plans. Please reply to this email and let me know what will work for you and your family.
In terms of payment, I use pay pal if you do:
email address associated with that account is hhcsa@scrtc.com

I also love a good ole check in the mail:
mailing address is
8545 Breeding Road
Edmonton, KY 42129

With such gratitude and excitement for a great season ahead,
Never forget the importance of a good salad.

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