2015:: fall 1

It is pre dawn and I have had coffee, fed the littles and am filling the cool water dip for the first harvest of the fall extension that awaits. So far it has been a great morning on the tails of an even greater week behind. The sun now rises higher in the horizon and I have to leave the computer: milking time, harvest time, good time.
The forecast is for rain which would just about make everything perfect for it is all that we lack. We are tidying up, planting our final crops of the season, readying ourselves for the fall and winter which lie ahead. What does that mean? Well, this year, we are actually attending a regional fiber show in Asheville, NC. We are excited to showcase our hand dyed woolen yarns, roving and other items to what should be a crowd of fiber enthusiasts. This year it also means readying Farmer Paul for a woodworking show (he will be vending at the Nashville Scene’s Crafts and Drafts right here at our beloved Nashville Farmers Market on November 7th.) Our minds wander from the garlic bed that still needs preparation and planting to the fiber studio and woodshop, it is exciting to imagine such diverse endeavors that fittingly complement our work here on the farm. The days are sunny and crisp, the nights cool and we welcomed autumn with a party. I admit to not always finding the time to honor the season’s shifts and I was so thankful for our great farm team for initiating our welcome to fall party. Warmed cider, apple cider donuts fried in our own farm rendered lard, a blazing fire: it all felt pretty perfect.
Welcome everyone to the fall extension, hands down our favorite part of the season. It will be a pleasure to share the bounty with each of you from now until the weekend before Thanksgiving!

fall week 1 in your basket:
bok choi
tat soi

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