greetings from a frosty farm. i hope this email finds you all warm, cozy and excited for the year ahead. here, with the mercury hovering at minus five, we couldn’t be better. really. an unusual scenario is playing out right now with your favorite farm family and i thought it a good moment to send you news. you see, paul and sasha are not here. yes, you heard me right, they are in california enjoying a full two week vacation with our relatives. reports have shown these guys hiking to bass lake, eating freshly harvested crabs, surfing, wow. anticipating holding down the fort solo, i was somewhat anxious (to say the least)but actually , as it plays out, madeline, william and i are having the time of our lives. without my two biggest guys, my kitchen time has dwindled and honestly i have some delightful free time. we are having a blast doing all the chores, hiking in the wintry woods, and well, taking it slowly. granted, we are not surfing the waves of the pacific or delighting in fresh seafood, but we’re psyched. and today, of all days, the day dawned frigid and we still have water flowing (thanks to extreme preparedness). with a hot fire raging in the wood stove, the coffee with cream tastes better than ever. this definitely is the moment to write you all and say welcome to 2015.

the year ahead looks promising, ringing it in with such amazing experiences for all of us, we are bubbling with enthusiasm. rumors have it that there will be some major shifts at the farmers market. details have not yet made their way to the farm, but we go into the market season with gusto and readiness for another phase at nfm. it is with highest hopes that i invite you all to sign up again for a season of eating with us. most things will remain as they have been entering our 16th (!!!!!!) year of hill and hollow csa. i have attached a copy of our enrollment form to this email, definitely let me know if any of your contact information has changed and if there is something special you would like to see in the coming year. we are working on seed orders right now, so this is the best time to let me know.

this is definitely getting too long, so i will close now. more details and more reminders to follow, until then, please let me know if you will be joining us again in the year ahead and what share size you will be enjoying!

warmest wishes,


2015 Community Supported Agriculture Enrollment Form

Hill and Hollow CSA

8707 Breeding Road

Edmonton, KY 42129




Please sign me up for another bountiful season of fresh certified organic produce.

All produce is grown here on the farm with absolutely no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides! Full shares are half bushel baskets, half shares approximately half of that and produce is delivered for 20 weeks, May through September. We have finally raised the CSA price, the first time in five years. The half share size is officially up to $25 a week. We hope this doesn’t pose a hardship for anyone and if it does, please contact me to discuss. We would never want anyone to lack access to the freshest, cleanest, most nourishing foods for any financial reason. Truly.

Special family shares for anyone that wants to eat well and preserve the bounty, this is the share size for you!

if paid by April 15, 2015 $1250.00

Anytime After April 15, 2015 $1275.00

Full shares

if paid by April 15, 2015 $1000.00

Anytime After April 15, 2015 $1025.00

Half shares

if paid by April 15, 2015 $500.00

Anytime After April 15, 2015 $525.00

Not Quite Full Shares new in 2013 We designed this option for those half shares that would love that extra head of lettuce or a bigger pile of tomatoes but are not ready to commit to a full share each week. This share size will allow you to get a full share helping of some of your favorite items throughout the season. This was such a success and proving to be our most rapidly growing share size. Try it out.

If paid by April 15, 2015 $750.00

Anytime After April 15, 2015 $775.00

Again, please contact me directly to work out any payment plans, we have a policy of no person being denied access to true food for financial reasons. I am happy to accommodate. Always.





TALK TO ME: tell me anything you think I should know to improve your CSA experience, I listen!

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2 Responses to 2015!!

  1. violatoniolo says:

    Next year you get to come to CA solo, right?

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