spring is here


it has been quite a few weeks since my last correspondence and i thought it high time i send some news. the sun is shining now in the late afternoon glow that we all adore, the sound of the peepers fills the air and maybe, just maybe spring is just around the corner. i have felt this way a few times in the past weeks only to be pummeled back into winter by a feisty wind and its resultant freezing conditions. i am not fooling myself into thinking this won’t happen again, but really, the growing season is underway. our fields are still quite wet and unworkable, but the high tunnels are full of the promise of good eating. carrots, beets,bunching onions, lettuce, kale, spinach, chard and parsley. the greenhouse is not only full of ripening meyer lemons and the fragrant flowers of more to come, it is home to hundreds of transplants: greens of all kinds, herbs, tomatoes and peppers, they are all emerging with the hope that only spring can bring.
our crew for the year is lining up nicely with the first arrivals scheduled for the 3rd of april. i will save the introductions for face to face when we start our market deliveries, but both paul and i are tremendously excited about the folks who are joining us for the season ahead. we are going into the season ahead with a lot of energy for a great year. lambing is nearly over with only 3 ewes left to go, we have had a super successful lambing season with one ewe even raising triplets (we have never seen a ewe do this here with such grace!) there are 17 out there now and they are up and running and bouncing as only new lambs can do. another sound in the background is that of paul’s mitre saw. he is framing out the roof of our root cellar, the final component until we can call that project complete. we are truly looking forward to having that facility for the year ahead. the ability to store produce in ideal conditions will be so helpful for us as we move into a phase with (hopefully) MORE off season deliveries!
in these final weeks before we begin our 2014 delivery season, i hope to hear from the rest of you that have not yet confirmed your participation in the coming CSA year. if you are planning to participate and intend to pay at a later date (either in a lump sum or payment plan) please let me know, if you do not plan to take part, it would be most helpful for me to know now. it is really helpful for us at this time to know the number of people who will be eating with us for the season ahead.
it is with so much thanks and excitement for the months ahead when we will share the harvests of hill and hollow farm.
please pass this along to any friends you know that might be a great fit for our CSA, we always love a new face!


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