a few extra days



wow, it has been a busy and delightful time here on the farm, the weather has been so warm and spring like, our out of town family has spent their annual mid winter break with us, the sap has flowed and allowed us to boil off 6 gallons of maple syrup, we have interviewed apprentices for the upcoming season (and have the first scheduled to arrive on march 15th), oh yes, the list is long. paul and i have also been working on an enormous project that we just completed yesterday…HOOORAY. it was a huge 70 page whopping application for matching funds to expand our sheep and wool production. the paper work was tedious, the budgeting exhaustive, but alas, it was hand delivered complete yesterday afternoon. now, spring is feeling just around the corner. if you look at just the right angle you can see green lying low in the pastures, the season’s lambing has begun, the greenhouse is filling up, and we are counting the days until we see you all again and dine on those first spring greens.
we have decided to extend the early bird discount this year. why? well, i have been preoccupied with other managerial demands and i dropped the ball on a few communications. so here it is, an apology to those of you that did not hear back from me promptly, a huge thank you to those of you that have already paid, and a final chance for the rest of you to pay with the early bird price until the end of february.
if anyone knows of friends that would be a nice fit for our CSA, please forward this message on to them, we are definitely looking for a few new members for the season ahead.
with the undeniable excitement for the season ahead,


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1 Response to a few extra days

  1. Eli says:

    Yes maple syrup in Kentucky! I made about 16 gallons so far, friends in the north are still waiting for a thaw 🙂 Hope to see you guys soon! -Eli

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