a real winter

ok, another cold snap is blowing her way in, snow blankets the fields and I have a nice window to do some computer work. When last mother nature dealt us sub-zero temperatures, we were all recovering from the flu and it all felt a bit desperate. this time, we feel great, we have all kinds of energy and are looking for some cozy days ahead. The loom is set up in the middle of our living room with hopes of weaving with our yarn, a stew simmers on the wood stove, cocoa is at the ready, I think we should fare well this time around. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I am sad to announce the winter vegetable scene is not working with this real winter. We are still eating frost beaten kale, but can not offer up anything in terms of a decent winter share for you all. So many of you have asked, and I have to answer honestly, it is better to look ahead to an early spring with us than a winter’s share. Boo hoo. On that note, we are offering an early bird discount once again for those of you that pay prior to the february 15th deadline, so use these cold nights as a opporuntity to imagine seeing us and eating with us come spring. I have attached the enrollment form to this email and for anyone having trouble opening it, let me know and I can send it another way. Another question I hear from a lot of you is payment alternatives to the check in the mail. We happily accept pay pal and have added a buy now button to our website


as always this time of year as the days lengthen and springs comes nearer, we so look forward to seeing you weekly.

wishing you all coziness ahead,



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