CSA enrollment time

the nights are long, the wood stove burns, we use these cozy moments to pour over the seed catalogs arriving daily and think about the growing season ahead. it is an exciting time.  for our friends in nashville, it is time to plan for your season of eating with us:  now is the time to join our CSA! the year ahead is hill and hollow’s 15th. a monumental moment and one that we want to share with you.  we are also looking forward to welcoming a new director to the metro nashville farmer’s market, our csa’s delivery site for each of these past saturdays. so join us for what will certainly be a stellar year ahead!

here is the nitty gritty:

2014 Community Supported Agriculture Enrollment Form

Hill and Hollow CSA

8707 Breeding Road

Edmonton, KY 42129




Please sign me up for another bountiful season of fresh certified organic produce.

All produce is grown here on the farm with absolutely no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides! Full shares are half bushel baskets, half shares approximately half of that and produce is delivered for 20 weeks, May through September. 

 Special family shares new in 2010, happily returning again and again

if paid by February 15, 2014 Early Bird Discount! 2012 price $1040.00 

Full shares

if paid by February 15, 2014 Early Bird Discount! 2012 price $800.00 

Half shares

if paid by February 15, 2014 Early Bird Discount! 2012 Price $400.00

 Not Quite Full Shares new for 2013, We designed this option for those half shares that would love that extra head of lettuce or a bigger pile of tomatoes but are not ready to commit to a full share each week. This share size will allow you to get a full share helping of some of your favorite items throughout the season. This was such a success for those that tried it last season, back again!

if paid by February 15, 2013 $600.00 

Please contact me directly to work out any payment plans, we have a policy of no person being denied access to true food for financial reasons. I am happy to accommodate.

to join our CSA, nashville’s orginal, you can send a check to the above address, you can use your pay pal account directly to our email


or you can pay on our website


for anyone new to CSA with any questions, please contact me either by phone or email, i love to talk!


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