spring tour

i got my camera and card reader back today and i just can’t resist the urge to post a few photos of the farm. the sun has been shining for a week and we have been busier than you can imagine. it feels so good to stretch those muscles, pull off the layers of wool and see my skin,  and most importantly, get into the gardens. but first, the high tunnel, this is going to be my first spring salad, right here friends, not long off….


from there we can hop over to the greenhouse which is just busting with life


many many flats have been moved out of the greenhouse to one of our many hardening off areas


or even better, to the field


but the most thrilling of all, is watching the grass start to grow again, with a deep sigh of happiness, i know spring is here!


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1 Response to spring tour

  1. Donna Rosenstiel says:

    Thanks for the tour, Robin. Everything looks great. I share your excitement about spring! Cheers!

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