shed two is the new number one!

it is the beginning of april, shannon our first apprentice for 2013 arrives today, deanna, the second long term apprentice is coming on saturday. the greenhouse is busting with thousands of plants, the grass is starting to grow, it is official, no foolin’, spring is here.
we are incredibly excited for the season ahead and so glad to look forward to seeing you all again so soon. the main reason for this email is to send a little farmers market from paul and robin’s perspective update.
a few of you have contacted me regarding rumors swirling around town regarding NFM. luckily the farm is far enough away not to hear those rumors (my stress level would very likely increase if i could!!), yet still close enough to be considered local (haha). here is what i know and what you should know. things are moving around over there, again there is an attempt to organize the market into clearly defined spaces for local producers and resellers. the proposal i received outlined the new saturday producers only section to be in shed 2 where jd’s country milk has been for years. for many reasons paul and i have decided to embrace this change. (we have resisted in the past, but that is a saturday morning coffee chat, not a monday morning email post). we have been at that market for 14 years, we have seen change after change, could talk your ears off with pros and cons, heck, many of you have been on that long road with us. so it is not without deliberation that we are supporting this with all we have. there will be both positive and negative i am sure, but for now, i am here to announce that “shed two is the new number one”!
what does that mean for our dear csa members? well, for those of you that already park on the bicentennial mall side and avoid the parking lot altogether, your life just got easier. for those of you that regularly buy jd’s country milk, your life just got easier. for those of you that hated being tempted by those darn amish cinnamon buns, your life just got easier.
for us, it means making banners and signage and using my outstanding social skills to get the traffic over to the other shed. we will do that for our benefit and the benefit of any other local producers willing to tough it out at the NFM, it is after all a wonderful, wonderful, place! it also means taking a few extra shareholders. it is likely we will see an initial decline in market sales while customers change their habits. if anyone has any friends or neighbors that are perfect for CSA, please send them my info or vice versa, it would be helpful. and finally,if anyone has any questions, comments, suggestions, please contact me. you are the community of csa and we treasure you,
with thanks and hope for a glorious season,
p.s. the enrollment deadline is april 15th, let me know if you have not already done so

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