spring greets us

with temperatures not just below freezing, but in the teens! oh goodness.
the sun shines right now, but the wind still blows cold, so i admit to sticking nearby that woodstove right now while william sleeps. spring is so exciting, verges on volatile, holy crow. that said, the greenhouse is full of plants, the high tunnel is busting with hope, and we wait patiently for the fields to be ready for work out there. we are so thankful we restrained our excitement last week, conditions were nearly ready for tractor work, but not quite. we breathed deeply and said we must wait, and lo and behold, we got well over an inch of rain on monday, nearly 2 in fact, and then a tremendous cold snap. so, we are quite pleased with our self control, in spring, it is not always easy to show such control.
enough of that, you know what spring means, time to sign up for the CSA. if you have not already done so, please let me know for certain whether you will join us again. there are still a few of you out there that i haven’t heard from, you know who you are! email me back, let me know for sure, and please plan to pay by april 15th (or outline your payment schedule for me). also, we are looking for a few new shareholders. if you know anyone that you think would love hill and hollow csa, send them my way, i would really appreciate it.
with thanks and excitement for the season ahead,

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