spring’s emergence

i have always noted the change of seasons. i can remember long ago urban me laying in a bed of lovely red maple leaves just fallen in chicago’s autumn. now, as a farmer, i live with the seasons. i don’t just notice them. i feel them. we are in transition here, winter’s chilly damp days are fleeting and the new life that is spring is evident all around us. this is a tough transition for me, winter, despite it’s gray harshness, holds our lone opportunity for down time. spring heralds in our work year, our busiest times are ahead and we have to rally. the past week has been kentucky’s typical: wet and sunless. my laundry sat begging to hang on the line and i just couldn’t pull myself out doors for any more than the most urgent tasks. i just waited and waited and it happened: today dawned glorious and it has energized me beyond my imagination. wouldn’t this sight rally you?



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2 Responses to spring’s emergence

  1. Amanda Mann says:

    What a cutie patootie

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