today, really?

it had been a long and busy week here on the farm, a week that i have already described here if you want the specs.
i awoke yesterday morning only to find paul unable to move himself from the couch. ok, i thought, put aside your own scratchy throat, dress william and head out. i completed my own chores and then paul’s and was feeling pretty ready for that cup of tea (not my beloved coffee due to aforementioned sore throat!)when sasha comes from the pig pen with news.


yep. he had seen it coming, saw the tell tale mammalian signs of enlarging udder, slow movements and he was right. 4 new lives arriving way before we were ready. we hussled, found the heat lamp, rounded up enough extension cords to reach their pen, made a nest for the new family. more details will surely unfold in the coming days…

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4 Responses to today, really?

  1. Jill Lashmett says:

    Is Paul ok? chaos always reigns on the farm. especially when animals are involved, humans and livestock.

  2. Cuzzie amanda says:

    but, they are so cute…. sorry about your scratchy throat. get better

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