welcome back

when we moved to the farm in 1998 i was a vegan leaning back towards vegetarianism. slowly, as we transitioned to eating the ever diversifying hill and hollow fare, we reintroduced dairy and meat into our diets and introduced farm animals to the homestead. chickens came first, then goats, pigs, turkeys, cows and sheep. many years happily passed and then we ran into the “this isn’t sustainable” roadblock with the grain eaters. unable to raise enough grain on our acreage, we bid farewell to the poultry and pigs and focused on our grass eating ruminants. recently a serendipitous series of events has us in the position today of welcoming swine back to the hollow. WHY? don’t ask. we couldn’t resist i guess. our neighbors needed to part with a breeding pair of American Guinea Hogs and a healthy litter of piglets. the breed looked too interesting for us to pass up and secretly we both have been wanting to have pigs on the farm again. so, despite the cold pelting rain, paul was out this morning putting the finishing touches on the pen


next we prepared the rural red carpet:


gravel, it is the peak mud season around here after all. with only minutes to spare, our nighbor arrived with a dually and trailer large enough to haul his team of oxen:


after a few tight turns, the parade began. the pigs, bucket trained according to our neighbor, were just let out of the trailer with the pig pen 100 feet away at least. friends, don’t try this trick at home, but i am more than happy to announce complete success. installed happily in their new “digs” (pun intended as anyone that knows well the power of the pig’s snout will attest).





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3 Responses to welcome back

  1. Dlighted that pigs have returned to the farm! They look quite charming, in a porcine way. How many are there?

  2. Candy Higgins says:

    I love this! Thank you so much for sharing. That would have scared me to death to think they would actually followed the bucket. I would have had, “one little piggie going to market, one staying home…” You get the idea- mine would have been all over the place!

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