nine to five

wondering how many of you out there are doing the work from home, educate from home, total immersion farm family dance? we are. most days we love it. our entire family contributes to our livelihood and our home life. some days i must admit, things can get a little murky. now, as spring emerges and farm work rises back to the top of the daily to do list, we initiated a new “schedule” for dad. day two and so far, so good. the early morning is his home time. i get to do my tasks most challenging to accomplish with a toddler pulling on my pant leg. so for me friends, the next hour and thirty seven minutes are a race with the clock. no photos to document but here is the list: batch of feta cheese, update here, pack and send wool roving , and my friend turbo tax. i will check in later to see how we do!

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