the last sweet tale

“mom, you have to stop writing about the sap” sasha moans as i describe this post formulating in my head.  “this is the last one, really” i respond. it is hard though, our days this time of year are guided by the flow of our beloved maple trees.  you see, sap is perishable, treat it like milk they say. easier said then done here in kentucky. sap flows when nightime temperatures are below freezing and daytime highs are above.  in the more typical sugaring states north of here, the sap flows more consistently for a shorter period of time. here, it stops and starts and starts again for many weeks in the winter. the sugarin’ season dance we do involves catching that sap as it flows and boiling it down into sweet syrup before the temperature rises too high and you have over 50 gallons of  liquid to keep cool. alas, our dance landed us right in the middle of a boil off today. with yesterday’s wind being way too forceful to try and work with fire and tomorrow’s forecast of temperatures in the teens.



it is not an easy task to satisfy this family’s sweet tooth!

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