counting sheep

its lambing season here in the hollow. each day, many times a day in fact, we wander over to the sheep pasture and check on things. i know many of you have read how difficult lambing season can be: all night affairs with troubled ewes,  stalling pregnant mamas in the barn, isolating new moms and their babes. here it has been so different. it is lambing season in fact that reminds us how amazing our flock of jacob’s sheep is.  an old time breed, around long before sheep were bred for meat, wool or milk production, our jacob’s posess the perfect blend of all these traits, in moderation. they have beautiful wool, just not a mountain of it. the meat is tasty and of perfect texture, but alas it won’t feed an army. and miraculously enough, the make just the right amount of milk to feed their young, often pairs of them at a time. we love our sheep, and you will too, just look here:






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2 Responses to counting sheep

  1. Candy Higgins says:

    Glad all is well in the lambing world. Love the pics

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