you all know it is time to wrap up those seed orders, despite the icicles adorning the woodlands around here, we know spring is near. we order the bulk of our seeds from fedco, an amazing cooperatively owned seed house in maine. they have a wonderful catalog with drawings and tales from growers and a not so delightful ordering system that requires lots of math. that is until i discovered their online ordering system is brilliant and easy. i am resistant to cyber ease, and do in fact go kicking and screaming down that path, but i was not at all agitated to say fedco order done and my shift to their online system was flawless.

no photo accompaniments on this one, just check out fedco seeds!

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2 Responses to done!

  1. Jill Lashmett says:

    What’s funny Robin is that their online ordering system is one of the most rudimentary and frustrating ones that we’ve encountered. It has given us problems for several years in a row. needless to say though, it is easier than doing it on paper though

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