that’s my boy

gradually over the years sasha has taken more and more responsibility around here. he milks addie, exclusively cares for the horses, works the fields with earl. he takes his work quite seriously as anyone that knows him will attest to. we have been trying hard to improve the state of this homestead since the day we moved here in 1999. the outbuildings, the barns, the fields, the forest, all have been screaming for our attention.  years have passed and countless improvements have in fact been made while (sadly) many issues remain unaddressed.  back to sasha, now he is a teen ager and able to fix problems on his own. the state of the barns is his current hot topic  for it is the winter home of his beloved animals. the rain pouring in, making wet the animal’s bedding, hurts him. you know what he did that boy of mine? he climed up there and patched that leaky roof.


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5 Responses to that’s my boy

  1. Jill Lashmett says:

    Sasha was the hardest working 6-year-old I’ve ever known. I can only hope that my farm boy is so dedicated to something. You’ve done a good job giving him a life that he loves.

  2. Linda says:

    I am so impressed! Miss you guys!

  3. Cuzzie amanda says:

    gotta love that proactive action!!! does Sasha wanna come out here for a while, we have a few projects……

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