oh addie

most of you know addie, our beloved family milk cow. many of you have tasted her gracious gifts. i am here this morning to share with you the delights of a christmas born calf (truth be told, december 23rd was his birth date, nestled between solistice and Christmas)IMG_3525

a calf has us back in dairy: milk, cream, cheese, yogurt, butter. it is a blessing on these cold winter days.  for the adults in the hollow: bye bye tea, hello coffee. something in that cream has me running to pull the dusty espresso maker out. there is nothing as amazing as fresh steamed cream on that oily espresso shot to get you going when the sun is not shining. for the children, it is a toss up between chowder and the breakfast delights: waffles, pancakes, dutch babies, you know the rich treats that we can top with our own maple syrup. for all of us it is a joy simply to watch mama and her babe frolicking about. i will save the other benefits of our bovine friends for another day, today, it’s all about the cream!

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5 Responses to oh addie

  1. robert-liva says:

    Simply delightful! I am truly enjoying the warmth of this post, dreaming of the cream on this chilly January day…

    All the best, and a happy new year.

    Robert of Chicago

  2. Most delightful. I am soooo enjoying daydreams of cream on this chilly January afternoon.

    All the best in the new year,

  3. Maggie DUffey says:

    Awesome! I grew up with 75 dairy cattle and so miss this ritual. Thanks for posting – Maggie

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