five quarts

yesterday saw all of our coolers full of sweet maple sap, despite the pelting rain, it was time to fire up the homemade boiling off rig and get some syrup made.  with a shed full of dry wood, thanks to sasha’s dilligence, the fire was easy to start and maintain. predicted the deluge to pass by 7 am, we had to wait until well past 8 but pass it did and we were thrilled with a warm, party sunny day to spend tending the fire and the pots of evaporating sap.



things dragged on and we soon discovered we had way more sap than usual. using a new cooler for storage, we were somewhat uncertain of our volume and with darkness  upon us we were nowhere’s near finishing (aka moving indoors!). midnight rolled around and that sweet syrup was finally finished, topping a gallon, it bodes well for the sugarin’ season ahead!

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3 Responses to five quarts

  1. Candy Higgins says:

    Love the info on the maple syrup and pics. Helps me to understand such a unique process.

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