winter news

It was so fabulous to see so many of you last Saturday. despite an earlier than usual rising, an overheating van, and all kinds of logistical pressures, we made it home safe and sound and happy to have seen you all. now, back on the farm, thoughts are of the season ahead. we are clearing the high tunnel for early spring plantings, ordering seeds and readying the greenhouse for action. January is maple syruping time for us, our all time favorite winter project. Today, a sunny warm winter’s day, we hiked around in the woods tapping our trees enamored and amazed once again at the sweet sap flowing. now, we will settle in for many weeks of winter’s farm work. we will do our daily chores, collect sap and boil it into maple syrup when the time is right. we will keep up with our firewood needs, harvesting trees from our woodlands and cutting and splitting it to keep our home warm. we will plan and ready ourselves for the season ahead, this is such an exciting time.
now is the time for you all to join us in looking ahead to a season’s worth of fresh food from our fields to your tables. we ask for the commitment now, for now is when we invest in most of our farm purchases. it helps us so much to know that our work is supported and the food we grow will feed you and your families alongside us. as we have in the past, we are offering an early bird discount if your share price is paid in full by February 15th.
new this year for half shares on the fence is the “not quite full” share. something we have been pondering over the past years as a way to meet the needs of the half shares longing for a bigger salad or one extra tomato sandwich, this new share size offers you the chance to get a full share helping of your faves throughout the season. if you have any questions please email me back, this is a new undertaking so we can figure it out together.
it is with huge appreciation and excitement that i send this out to you and look ahead to sharing the 2013 season. if you are not planning on taking part in the CSA this year, please let me know asap. any other questions, please email me. feel free to pass this along to any friends you know are right for Hill and Hollow CSA.
with thanks,

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