fall final week the season end

here is the last newsletter, way late, i am considering using this as a way to speard winter news far and wide, does anyone read this? let me know somehow!! with gratitude,
Hill and Hollow CSA, Year 13, the grand finale, and grand it has been. We were thrilled to spend last Sunday cleaning up the summer kitchen in anticipation of the arrival of 2011 apprentice Andy and his 3friends. Illinois natives, all of them, they arrived with loads of enthusiasm, a great attitude, a huge desire to help and my favorite accent ever! We were able to roll through these exceptionally cold nights and glorious sunny days and get all kinds of work done. The tomato cages and stakes are all removed and stowed away, the garlic crop is mulched, a huge stack of firewood is split and stacked, the high tunnel is packed with transplanted kale and sown with spinach, nearly all of our precious Bloody Butcher corn crop is shelled and stored away, more shiitake logs are inoculated, the high tunnel site is squared off and many anchor posts are banged in, the list really does go on and on. It’s been a great year and this week has been the most suiting end. Working with new friends Josh, Rob and Riley, along with dear Andy, all people we enjoy, wrapping up a 28 week delivery season (our longest ever!) in such a delightful way. We have struggled this year, we have faced some of our most major obstacles and look here,we have come out better than ever. We have seen ourselves, our family, and our community join with us to meet our goals, manage the farm and deliver top quality food to grace all of our tables week after week after week. It is with a heart full of thanks to each of you for your unbelievable support as we faced the daunting task of going sans apprentices. For those of you that helped at market, and there are so many of you, thank you for spending even more of your Saturday with us than you ever imagined you should! It was so encouraging for us and so fun to get those extra hours with you, a special gift to say the least. I am so proud to be at the center of this thriving amazing community of people called Hill and Hollow CSA. It is with a deep sigh of relief that we wrap up our delivery season, a sigh loaded with both joy and sorrow. The joy is obvious,the marathon of weekly harvests and deliveries is complete The sorrow, it is complex, you see, we miss you all so much in the off season. It is your smiles of gratitude, your recipes, your tales of eating, this makes our work worthwhile. With great excitement for our final Saturday at the Farmers Market for 2012 I finish this newsletter with a pile of gratitude and appreciation for each and every one of you! Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and know we are fortunate to be part of your lives. With thanks, Robin.

Fall week 8 in your basket:
pac choi
tat soi
daikon radish

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