fall week 7

OK, it is 8:00 am and the frost out there is still so hard, we can’t start the harvest. It is challenging not to jump up and start plucking the leaves, but the water hoses are still frozen and the sun not yet fully up to melt away last night’s chill. So, I start on the news. There have been some big events this past week here on the farm. Wednesday we had our annual organic certification inspection. In addition to filling out the 18 page application and adhering to the multitude or rules laid out in the National Organic Program Standards, our farm receives an annual visit from one of the accredited inspectors from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. During this multi hour session, the certifier tours all fields, greenhouses and structures involved in our USDA certified organic operation. Once all of our nooks and crannies are peered into, the inspector goes over all of our documentation In order to be certified by the USDA, we must be able to trace each item we grow from seed to sale. This means we must keep all receipts for seed purchased (proving it is either organic or we made at least 3 attempts to find such a variety raised organically). We need to have a record of each time we cultivated or applied an amendment of any kind to each crop. We need a harvest record including locations of where items were taken from and volumes gathered. This year, with William fairly reluctant to sit still or be quiet for any length of time, I left the inspection to Paul and stayed outside with our little toddler! Hours passed and the stamp of approval was given to our operation! Sometimes it feels a bit tedious, but it is reaffirming to be considered producers of the highest quality of food. The next day our new high tunnel arrived around mid day. It is always a challenge to welcome a tractor trailer to the farm, with our curving drives and tight turns, you never really know how it is going to unfold. This driver managed to get his rig into the farm driveway and off the county road for the hour long unloading of the many metal components that will soon be erected on site! An amazing and exciting project truly underway! Space is short and the harvest not yet complete, so I will end here wishing you all a wonderful week.
Fall week 7 in your basket:
pac choi
tat soi
daikon radish

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