fall week 3

this post is way late,we have taken weeks off and have enjoyed thsi amazing weather

here is the news from 2 weeks ago:

Can you hear the sound of the bulldozer? Well, it is here and loud and glorious! Our Monday date with the big machine was rained out, just like last Friday’s and we feared the fall rains would settle in and ruin our plans for developing the site for our new high tunnel this autumn. Alas, the rains passed through, the sun returned and the rumbling outside the window is music to my ears.

Hours have passed, I am cooking a dinner to share with an exciting guest: 2006 apprentice Chris is back in the neighborhood for an overnight stay. With his hands, the harvest is actually complete before dark, this alone is reason to celebrate. Add to that, the bulldozing work is complete and our high tunnel site is ready, just before another round of rain moves through. I am one happy farmer, yes I am.

It has been a productive, exciting week on the farm. We are doing a lot of dye work with the indigo , we are moderately obsessed with turning things varied shades of blue and since the indigo plant will die with the first frost, we are counting our days with our new favorite project. After a weekend of rainy days, the ground was really too wet to get into the fields, so we took some time and power tools up to Granddad’s place and cut down some dead trees, cleared out around the barn, and generally tidied the property up while gathering some much needed fire wood for the winter to come. It was nice to spend time there: the 5 acre property is about 3 miles from the farm, in the old town of Breeding. Some friendly neighbors, a newly mowed hay field, and a different set of projects, made for a lovely time.

And a bit of news, next Saturday we will not be at market, we will be at the farm hosting our first annual Garlic Planting Festival. Please come and join us on the farm for a great fall day, you can come either Saturday or Sunday, we will be here both days looking forward to your company. Please let me know if you plan to come, so we can get you directions and final details, it is sure to be a fun day. Enjoy the fall basket, it is a lovely one, and go ahead and experiment with these pie pumpkins, I have made a couple of pies myself.

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