fall 1!

Hello all and welcome to the Fall extension. I love this season and let me tell you why: the harvest is so quick! It is just 2:30 and the bulk of the bounty is stowed safely away in totes. The lettuce and arugula were done by 10:30 and the chard and basil wrapped up around noon. From there Paul set off after the flowers and I have been able to do some cooking, on harvest day, really? You bet, one pan of apple brownies, a platter of baked potatoes, some re fried beans, ground beef, salad and salsa, we are set for the day and taco night. I love the fall extension. How about you?

It has been a busy week on the farm but one with the calm coolness of a farm and family that is easing into the off season. We had 3 solid days without the sun and a persistent soaking rain which totaled 3 ½ inches by Wednesday morning. We used the cloudy wet days to finish off the transition in the high tunnel. Gone are the peppers and eggplants and summer fruits. In their stead, our favorite fall winter foods: chard, kale, lettuce, tatsoi. Sasha and I recreated our morning routine flawlessly. He wanted my assistance/company with his morning horse chores, and now that we have a few months off of milking, I agreed with one exception: tea first! He agreed and we have had these lovely mornings together. In my “free time” I am trying to pull off readying the site to erect our new high tunnel. The phone company must first come and move the phone line, Larry Reliford and his bulldozer arrive next to spend many hours dirt moving to level the site, all of this in these final dry days of early fall before rain comes for good. I am confident this will all occur in the earliest days of next week. With those tasks complete, we can order and imagine putting up the 30 by 96 wonder during the true off season: the winter months.

To complete my weekly essay I have to include a culinary note: we have become obsessed with the summer squash casserole. Please folks, grab the last of these abundant fruits and bake them. You need only layer them with onions, garlic,and basil. In its simplicity, we adore this dish. Add some melted cheese on top and things only get creamier. My new hope is to incorporate some of these wonderful hot peppers, but not tonight, there are still squash to pick after all. Wishing you all the best for the week ahead and welcome again to my favorite time!

week 21 in your basket:


swiss chard



summer squash

butternut squash

hot peppers


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