week 19

The week began with day after day of rain coming and going over the early part of the week resulting in a grand total of over 3 inches. Do I need to say I am happy, relieved, smiling, calm, cool and collected, or did you already know that? Yes, the mood around the farm has been pretty darn jubilant these past days, September’s first. With muddy fields we headed into our high tunnel, once full of thriving pepper plants, this is the time of year to diligently remove producing plants to make way for our fall and winter’s food supply. The “have to” date around here is September 15th. The fall field crops need be established, cover crops sown, and the high tunnel ready for the late fall and winter greens. It is a busy and joyous time, aside from the garlic planting, the bulk of our hard work is nearly done. With that in mind, we pulled row after row of summer’s fruits and raked, spaded, and hoed the newly cleared beds to ready them for next week’s planting. We also had an exciting mid week visit from our local vet. Addie,our dear milk cow, is supposedly bred to have a calf around Christmas time. We have made the mistake in the past of drying up our cow in order to give her a rest from lactation prior to calving, only to discover a due date come and gone with no calf. For the past 2 years prior to drying her off we have a vet come and check. Dr. King rolled in late morning on Wednesday and confirmed what we had hoped was true, mama cow and calf both healthy and on schedule for a December delivery, wahoo. We will milk Addie for the next week and dry her off after that giving her, and us milkers, a few months much needed rest. Dairy lovers rejoice with us, it is all part of the cycle and goodness will soon enough return! Finally on a logistical note, we have decided on our garlic planting dates: October 13-15. Saturday afternoon, Sunday all day, Monday afternoon. The only thing that would prevent us from adhering to this schedule would be truly catastrophic conditions. Details will follow, but we would plan to have people around for the main planting on Sunday. Join us on the farm for this super fun end of season fall planting festival, we are pretty excited! And finally, next week is the last week of the main season. Please let me know by then if you plan to take part in the Fall Extension or not. I hope you are all as excited as I am to see a return of the lettuce, it is about the only thing that can ease the pain of the end of tomato season. Enjoy this perfectly timed cool weather and green salad, perfect.

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