week 18, a bit late

i am having trouble getting my newsletters up here on time, a blogger i am  not, i guess.

anyway, here is the news from last week…

It is Thursday evening, William on his new schedule is asleep for the night and I find myself with a window of opportunity to write the news. It has been a great week on the farm, really. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but everything just seems grand. Let me give you a few tidbits of farm/family life in our hollow. Last week some folks stopped by asking about our sheep, they had inquired in the past and nothing came of it, so we didn’t have high hopes for this visit, we scheduled them for Monday afternoon. We had a late morning appointment at the meat processing facility for our first round of lambs, knowing we had to have the sheep caught up for that made it easy to invite these folks back again to check out our 2012 ewe lambs. Alas, rounding up the sheep went smoothly, as did the 20 minute trip to the butcher, so we were already quite pleased. About an hour earlier than expected the couple called asking if we had the sheep up, indeed we did, they said they had their trailer hooked on and were ready to come down. Trailer hooked on, I thought, they might be serious this time around. And serious they were, less than half an hour later our entire group of young ewes was in the trailer, save Chanel a white wooly beauty Madeline wanted to save. In a year with big farm expenses and nationwide hay shortages, the infusion of cash and the elimination of livestock so swiftly was an absolute blessing. It was only Monday!

Sasha is really growing up. About a month ago he made a proposal. If he fixed our riding mower with his own money, could he have it? The mower had been sitting idle for months broken in many ways. After a quick consult with Paul, we agreed to his proposal. Sasha has all but taken over pasture management anyways, as long as he agreed to clip our pastures when Paul decided it was time for clipping, we were all for it. So, Sasha took apart the mower deck, removed spindles and housings and blades, ordered replacement parts, orchestrated a friend of a neighbor to re weld the broken deck and then put the whole darn thing back together, flawlessly. I did not believe my ears when I heard that old mower rumbling again. I remain amazed by how hard working and capable this boy of mine is. Just this past week he was hired by our neighbor to pick apples up in the orchard, if he proves capable, which he already has, Jeff will train him fully in orchard management: pruning, planting, pest and disease control. Needless to say, this is all part of the bittersweet rite of passage a child’s adolescence is for the parent.

There are only 2 weeks left of our main season, wow. Please let me know sometime in the next weeks whether or not you will be taking part in the fall season. We have been busily planting all of our favorite fall foods these past weeks, looking forward to cooler temperatures, longer nights and good salads! Hope you will join us.

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