Week 14 in your…

Week 14 in your basket:





green beans

swiss chard




Its just past nine pm on Thursday and I can’t help myself, my computer has been moved into the back room at the a-frame and I have all of these after bed time, newly productive, kid free hours to get ahead of my “office work”. I just had to jump into the newsletter. It has been a nice farm family week here in the hollow. We began on Monday morning with a major tomato canning session. It seemed daunting at first, but with Sasha’s aide in the kitchen and the rest of the family juggling William, we made it through the piles of ripe fruits and ended with 28 quarts by mid day. Lest you think for even one minute that Sasha was a willing worker and not a typical teen, it took quite a few minutes of calm perseverance to get him to join in. Initially the scene in the summer kitchen was me juggling hot water, sterile jars, tomatoes, paring knives, skin and seeds and and dear first born child of mine, the same one who just last year loved canning, sitting in the corner, “I’m bored!”. I suggested how much fun we might have if we did the canning together and discouraged him from heading up to Dad’s office where the TV and DVD player live. Alas, Mom’s company and the tomatoes won over the electronics and we did in fact have a blast, it bode well for our first week of really working together as a family. Fast forward, just past noon on harvest day, we are graced with cloud cover and the picking and plucking of the weekly bounty is proceeding. Madeline proves to be an excellent basil cutter, Sasha can really enjoy William’s company for way longer than he thought, and if it weren’t for the appearance of one of the most time consuming crops to harvest ever, we would be nearly done. Alas, a new patch of green beans has in fact filled out, the mix of rain and sun and heat is just what they love, so we take turns in the bean patch and hope as the sun sets on this day, the job will in fact be complete.

So much has been accomplished this week, I have to admit at some times it felt a bit like pulling teeth, but we did it with mostly smiles. I set up my office space back in the house. For a while I loved the walk over to the old place and my computer and phone separate from my living space, this year however it has felt really inefficient. With an active toddler around, I need to use my time productively and I felt like all those evening hours were just a waste. During the beloved day light hours, we set the late season summer squash, cultivated other newly emerging late season plantings of arugula, okra, basil, chard and dill. Paul was able to prepare many more garden beds to be planted with the fall roots and leaves that we are starting to really look forward to. So, with a big smile as the week comes to an end, we prepare once again to see you all and share the fruits of our labor! I know you are all going to feast this week…

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