csa week 13

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summer squash





My life this week has been one long version of “This Old House”. Yes, here it is, the newsletter that focuses entirely on non farm activities. Why such a newsletter?, you might ask, well, because we have spent the past week in it’s entirety getting Paul’s Dad, aka Grandpop or Bob, set up in his 90+ year old farm house in the heart of the old community of Breeding, KY, 3 miles from the farm. The house itself is fabulous: some 3000 square feet of turn of the century farm house glory, and sits on a property equally amazing: nearly 5 acres, a beautiful horse barn and 2 solid outbuildings. In desperate need of love and attention, the house was long ago abandoned by its original owners, the Roach family, and offspring who have left Breeding for points unknown. My family took it on as a project months ago when we first spoke of Bob’s retirement plans and moving nearby. The closing date, following months of negotiation, delayed until July 10th, a mere 10 days prior to moving day. With little time to spare, alas, we peered into the deepest nooks and crannies of the old place and discovered termites, water leaks and an unusable bathroom. We had to make quick work of it, and hard as we tried, Bob was greeted upon arrival to his new home with a toilet on the back porch. That might have been the lowest moment, or perhaps that happened somewhere in Pennsylvania when the 17 foot u-haul truck loaded with a lifetime of belongings, blew a transmission. Either way, the week started out with a touch of hopelessness and exhaustion. Happily, it has gone swiftly uphill from there. Keeping focused on coordination, consolidation and execution we have: gutted the bathroom, got the water leak fixed and the water flowing to the kitchen, hooked up the phone and DSL, unloaded, moved in, hooked up a window AC unit, contacted the exterminator, the contractor and the porta john has been delivered. We have been running in concentric circles all week, but we did fit in enough time to enjoy family meals focused on summer’s bounty: tomato salads, pesto, cucumber salads, tomato sandwiches, and my first attempt at eggplant parmesan which proved to be absolutely heavenly. With a farm and farm family full of hope and a big project well underway, we can all officially welcome Grandpop to KY. It has been quite a week around here. I hope you will all enjoy the summer splendor in this week’s basket!

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