week 12

“we are not alone” the quote of the week, the feeling on the farm, the overall assessment I have of the greatest group of people I am proud to be a part of: the Hill and Hollow community, “we are not alone”. We bid our final apprentice a farewell last Sunday and ushered in a new era with a great visit with friends on Sunday, so truly Monday began our solo trip. It was not pretty. We attempted to do too much, ran willy nilly all over the farm and the day ended with lots of pouts. I pondered what I might be able to do better, and just decided to focus on completing my own usual chores and not barging head strong into Paul’s world. So, Tuesday, I processed tomatoes. Instead of canning whole tomatoes, I went for the day long simmering and the results were a fabulous 10 quarts of pasta sauce that will be a welcome taste in the winter months. Tuesday we welcomed some special visitors to the farm, a trio of teenage girls from Nashville arrived just past lunchtime. Ann Carroll, a sweet 17 year old we have known since she was a toddler, as her family is one of our original shareholders! She traveled with twins Sasha and Minka who first visited the farm as 3rd graders with the Linden Waldorf School 8 years ago. With a mix of nostalgia, independence, hard work, and peach cobbler…we enjoyed the help they offered us on their 2 night stay here in the hollow. Just as we were going to picture actually completing the harvest day without more hands, we got a call from another member of the CSA. Jeff had a day and a half off of work and knew just how to spend it, REALLY? We could not believe our luck. Arriving just as the girls were preparing to leave, Jeff jumped right in and helped us finish out the week in splendor He even initiated a late night demolition of the bathroom at Granddad’s place, not a pretty sight, but home renovation news will not make the newsletter, not this week anyway. With the harvest near complete, and a thorough checklist in order for tomorrow, Paul and I feel pretty great about the week past. Beds that were slated for neglect received careful weeding and cultivation, fall planting is well underway, and hey, we even get a newsletter, something I swore we could forgo if things got too crazy. Alas, I will have to press print and be on my way, still some tomatoes in need of picking. Wishing you all a great week, a hardy thank you for your ongoing friendships, and Friday is a great day to think of helping out on the farm, just thought I would mention it!

week twelve in your basket:

summer squash





swiss chard



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