csa week 4

CRAZY. There is no other way to describe the past week. In a blur I will try to recount all that has transpired since I last visited my computer screen. I suppose it all began last week at this time as we tried to ready ourselves for Madeline’s recital weekend, Paul’s solo delivery trip, Nikki and Andrew’s unexpected departure, family friends and visitors for the weekend, and finally a 3rd grade class farm trip in the wake of these days. OH BOY. It all seemed manageable really until about 5:45 am on Saturday when the phone rang. I heard Sasha’s voice in the back room, “smoke” “it blew up” “i will get mom”. Yep, the van seized on the Cumberland parkway in Glasgow and I wiped my brow, loaded William into the truck and drove off to Paul stranded on the side of the road. After about an hour he was loaded into my truck with all the vegetables and en route to you all patiently waiting in Nashville. I was able to borrow Grandmom’s car and get home in time to dress and prepare Madeline for her late morning recital back in Glasgow. With big help from our dear friends visiting for the weekend, we succeeded in executing the day: we enjoyed the recital , Louise was picked up and brought home, and we all (Paul included) made it back to the farm by late afternoon with one heck of a crazy day under our belts and a grilled steak dinner on our plates. Sunday dawned with Paul ailing. He couldn’t get out of bed at all, so I managed to hold down the fort, get Madeline to day two of recital weekend and spend some time praying that he will wake Monday feeling better for the slated mid morning arrival of 20 3rd graders from the Linden Waldorf School. BUMMER. That did not happen, without a tear the crew and I executed the first day of their 3 day visit with precision and without Farmer Paul. This was no easy feat and all day Monday I kept saying, surely he will resurface on Tuesday, surely he will! (by the way, sometime in this mess my mechanic called to say the motor had blown on the van and it was irreparable. File that stress away I did and remained focused on the 3 day farm visit!! ) By Tuesday morning, it was clear that Paul was on the mend, for this I was so thankful. After a stint as breakfast cook (Paul’s role, for sure) Paul arrived just in time for the first of the day’s work sessions about 10 am. I love this man, you all know that, but I really can not remember a time I was happier to see him! The remaining days of the school group visit went by flawlessly and the week started to improve as the days passed and we started to see a light at the end of the tunnel. A van is being loaned to us for the delivery tomorrow, 20 Waldorf 3rd graders are safely back in the family’s homes with a wonderful farm adventure to remember, Paul is well, and yes, we took a much deserved trip to Dale Hollow Lake yesterday to cool off, celebrate our achievements against all odds and enjoy each others company. Now, with harvest complete, Hannah in the kitchen with Madeline pulling together a Friday lunch, we all take a deep breath, look back happily to the week past and ahead to smoother sailing. I hope you all enjoy this lovely Spring basket and the holiday weekend!

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