extension week 6: the last week of 2011!!

This has been the most amazing week, well what did I expect of the last week of such an incredible year? Nothing less than total perfection. Wrapped in a blanket of love from our family friend’s visit last week, we began the final week of the season with high hopes and optimism: plant the final garlic bed, 1/3 of our intended 9000 plants, start fetching hay for the winter’s animal feed, cover all of our winter field crops with floating row covers to protect from harsher and harsher frosts, and hunt. Deer season opened in Kentucky last Saturday and both Paul and Andy planned to have a go at it. Paul really has only hunted once before, 2010 deer season with his visiting Uncle Ed. This year began with more information, more intention and higher hopes. I will leave out many details here, I know the topic of hunting is one with many sides, but yesterday, really the final day that was free enough for these guys to head to the woods, ended with a dawn buck for Andy and a dusk doe for Paul. We were all so thrilled. The garlic was safely in the ground, completed on the first of the week, also the last day before a serious drenching would have prevented us from digging in the earth for many days to come. Last night, just before the heaviest freeze, all of our crops were blanketed under the protection of the white lengths of fabric, a tedious and necessary job well done. This crystalline morning, when the sun rose on our last harvest day for the season, we smiled, made a fire, did the chores, and thrilled in the perfect completion to the week, the month, the season. As Andy said while he dipped lettuce into frigid water with I am sure cold hands, “ I am content”. We all are.
As I look back on this year, I am full of joy and thankfulness. 2011 will live on as one of our brightest years: a season that began with doubt, welcomed our third child, and ended with perfection. To our dear CSA, the best support any farmer could want, you supported us now more than ever, when anxieties were high and you all shared our faith and confidence: my deepest thanks. To Andy and George, words are not enough. You embraced the farm life and the Hill and Hollow family in every way: we know you will succeed and we will miss you more than you will know. Now, with the best wishes for the winter we have all been waiting for, enjoy!

In your basket:
daikon and misato rose radishes
butternut squash
Jerusalem artichokes

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